RR Enriquez, Co-host of Wowowee, reveals her beauty secret and how she stays so sexy!

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It’s a big responsibility to be a celebrity. It requires investment in taking care of one’s beauty and staying sexy to keep that Idol image alive.

For years, RR Enriquez, Model / Dancer and Host of the popular noontime show “Wowowee,” tried a variety of techniques to stay sexy and maintain her figure. Her dieting would always lead to gaining the weight back after some time!

The friend of her manager helped her out and told her to try out the upgraded version of Dream Love 1000® 5 in 1 body Essence Lotion, which is a product made in England.

Without hesitation, she directly bought the original from the agent’s website www.DreamLove1000.com She received the product within 3 days by courier. RR immediately used it and followed the directions mentioned on the instruction sheet inside the box.

After just a couple of weeks of religious usage, RR was surprised and could not believe that she started to loose actual fats and inches. She noticed that her skin looked and felt naturally whiter, smoother and more supple.

By using another tube for 3 more weeks she had achieved an amazing sexy waistline of just 26 inches. Her 29 inches jeans were falling off her body! Her hips and thighs reduced by an amazing 2 inches and she noticed this unreal sexy tone to her figure. The UV-whitening effects could be seen on her full body and face and she said it was just remarkable.

RR received so many compliments, and being such a nice person as she is, shared her beauty secret of Dream Love 1000® 5 in 1 body lotion with all her friends and co-hosts.

She has been using their product line since 2012 and vouches for the effects the products bring about on the users, as what the makers from England promised. In her interview, RR said that Dream Love 1000 is a must-try as seeing is believing!

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